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Monday, December 3rd, 2007 @ 12:00 pm | 4 Stars, Facebook, Messaging, Mobile

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Mobile IM by provides 2-way messaging between your Facebook profile and your mobile phone in the U.S. and Canada (select carriers). The only fees are those associated with your mobile phone plan. The application preserves your privacy, never revealing your phone number to those viewing your profile (just sells them to telemarketers instead! jk). When you receive an SMS message on your phone, you can reply back directly to the Facebook user that sent the message.

Facebook - MobileIM - SMS Text Messaging_1196328673968

Pretty straight forward: enter your carrier, number, and times when you can be contacted (EST). My first complaint is that it should let me select my timezone. Seems simple enough for them to do the calculation as it is for me.

After submitting, there was no pressure to invite friends. The navigation is straightforward: Compose/TextOUT, Inbox, Sent, Mobile Setup.

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I like the feature of being able to send an SMS directly to another friend on Facebook by name and not requiring their mobile number. So, to test it out, I send a message to my friend Joel.

Unfortunately, off the bat, I was not lucky and the send failed.

Facebook - MobileIM - SMS Text Messaging_1196329336968

My friend’s carrier is T-Mobile (U.S.). So, I’m going to try another number (my own) also on T-Mobile. Success!

Facebook - MobileIM - SMS Text Messaging_1196329500953

So, no conclusions can be made of a test with 2 text messages, but that it works and doesn’t work at the same time. The second SMS message sent to my own personal number worked. The message formatting is a little bit cryptic: / / FR: First Last Name MSG: This is the message. []

To complete the test of 2-way messaging, I reply to the message wait about a minute and the following shows up in my MobileIM Inbox.

Facebook - MobileIM - SMS Text Messaging_1196330598609

Clicking on the [x] removes the message. Click on the from loads the user’s profile, if there is one.

The application works as advertised.


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  1. Joel Thoms Says:

    I wish I didn’t hate my phone so much. I might actually use something like this…

  2. craig Says:

    I love this app. I actually use it a lot to send stuff to friends directly from Facebook!

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