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Monday, December 3rd, 2007 @ 3:56 pm | 3 Stars, Alerts, Facebook, Utility

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So you wanna see who’s online?

Who’s Online is not perfect, but it works well enough in determining who was online and when.

You won’t be able to get a real-time list of people that are currently online, but you can see who has been active in the past few minutes. The application will fade out your friends the longer they have been away from Facebook.

The profile box is slow to update (but it does update). Clicking on ‘See All’ will update your list.

One minor complaint I have is the application will spam your mini-feed every time it updates your list. But that’s easy to fix in Facebook’s edit apps page.

I currently have it installed and am still debating it’s usefulness. It’s worth installing and checking out for yourself.

Who’s Online Facebook Application

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8 Responses to “Who’s Online”

  1. billie Says:

    I think this app is pretty useless considering facebook has an in-built “who’s online” feature!

  2. Chad Boyda Says:

    I was thinking the same thing about all of these who’s online apps just the other day. Granted there are several apps that are re-implementations of Facebook apps, like SuperPoke, SuperWall, etc. But they at least add a lot in features to stand on their own and convince users they are worth the upgrade. I haven’t seen such a leap in functionality from these online apps yet. Who knows? Maybe someday.

  3. jacky Says:

    Well, I just found out that even though I’ve changed my privacy settings so as NOT to show whether I’m online or not I show up as being online in this app.

    I just visited a friends site. She’s added the app and – lo and behold – there I was in full colour showing up as online and recently active!

    I haven’t added the app myself which means I have in no way given my consent to this!

    Now seeing as how I regard this as a violation of privacy (and rightfully so, I believe) I would very much like to have the creators do something about this.


  4. meee Says:

    This application is in violation of facebook’s privacy policy. Display of a user’s online status is up to them. If they choose to hide their online status through the privacy settings, this application illegally displays it.

  5. Tara MacDonald Says:

    I have specifically set my facebook to private when it comes to online status. I don’t want anyone to know when or how long I am online. How is it that this site is able to post when I’m online? I have not signed up for it and have specifically set my privacy settings against such an invasion. This seems very much against my rights and against the law.

  6. Adam Tønsberg Says:

    I guess the aim of this application is NOT just that you can see your own friends online status (FB can do that allready), but that you can visit a friend, and see witch of THAT PERSONS friends that are online.

    And I dont think FB has that option available – so if im right – the application is ok.

  7. Adam Tønsberg Says:

    That ofc requires that the peron you visit has this application installed – which – i guess – is why they included the “invite friends” feature 🙂

  8. Adam Tønsberg Says:


    2 issues;

    A) Aim of the application
    B) Actual online “live” updated info

    About A)
    I guess the aim of the application NOT that you can see your OWN friends online status (FB as that ability allready), but it allows OTHER people to go to your profile and see witch of your friends that are online.

    That ofc also means that if a person you visit has the application installed, you can see witch of THAT PERSONS friends who are online – and I dont think FB has that option available – so if im right – the application is ok.

    About B)
    Sadly the updating is not really “online” or “live”. I entered an offline friend, and went to his WhosOnline application. There i could see my own picture as gray ;p – like I was offline..

    Even worse; I entered an online friend, who have the application installed, and i couldnt see him online.. so.. the updates suck..

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