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Welcome to What Apps. What Apps is a blog dedicated to reviewing and profiling applications built for your favorite social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Our goal is to help you decide what apps are worth installing.

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We will be reviewing old and new applications to provide insight into current trends and uncover hidden gems. We’ll also tell the stories of the people behind the scenes who make the apps, what motivates them, where they find their inspiration, and of their successes and failures. But ultimately, we’ll tell you if we left each app installed or if we clicked uninstall.

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If you have discovered or developed an application for Facebook, MySpace, OpenSocial (Orkut, Hi5, Friendster, etc.) and would like to see it reviewed here please feel free to submit your story to us. We can’t guarantee we’ll like it, or even review it, but we do promise to read it.

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  1. Julie Says:

    I created Firstlookz as a richer, more well rounded version of “hot or not”. It allows users to find out what kind of first impression they really make to total strangers – not just how HOT or NOT they are. Users create a short bio and post a picture of themselves. Other users are able to guess the age, sexual orientation, race, nationality, political leanings, what kind of pet, if they look like they have a tatoo or not, if they are a virgin, and if they look like a smoker or not. Also users rate each other from 1-5 on characteristics such as trustworthiness, confidence, arrogance, friendliness, stylishness, coolness, professionalism, etc.

    Friends can give each other ratings, but we keep the friends feedback separate because they are not first impressions. Users can then compare what their friends said about them versus what complete strangers thought.

    Users can also create multiple bios (with different pictures) so that they can compare the feedback they receive for one photo versus another.

    It’s not the most viral app out there but we know it’s very well built, useful and fun. Improvements in the works.

    Thanks, I hope you check it out.


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