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Monday, December 10th, 2007 @ 8:43 pm | 2 Stars, Facebook, Just For Fun

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It looks like Facebook has four different pillow fight applications. Though I’m only going to review the one that has 84,635 daily active users. That many users means it’s good, right?

Unfortunately, no. The only thing you can do is invite friends (of course) or throw a pillow at your friends.

Pillow Fight! could have been cool if they did something like display an animation of you getting hit with a pillow or anything at all really.

Sadly, all your friends will get is a bland message like the one below…

Facebook Pillow Fight Application


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4 Responses to “Pillow Fight”

  1. Steve Watkins Says:

    Why do you even review apps like this?

    If facebook is gonna take the step to the next level, these apps are gonna be roadkill.

    Functional apps that provide value to users are gonna have to make it or else facebook is out.

    There are too many poke you / wink me / am I hot whatever apps out there – quit reviewing this crap!

    Steve Watkins


  2. Joel Thoms Says:

    I completley agree with you.

    Normally I would have skipped this application, but I’ve been hit with pillows multiple times and they have over 85k installs, I thought people should know it was crap and to avoid it.

  3. Steve Watkins Says:

    Understood – thanks for the reply, and I implore your staff to seek out more functional applications that are original and provide some kind of value.

    Thanks for all that you do to all the staff in the whatapps.com community – I do appreciate it – my frustration comes from the crappy apps that are starting to saturate this market, not from what you guys are doing.

    Steve Watkins

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